Interviews on TV, Radio and Newspapers

I have given over 100 interviews to media outlets (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and blogs) regarding my research and comments on new scientific findings. Some examples include:

2022           The New York Times (USA):Fossil Reveals Secrets of One of Nature’s Most Mysterious Reptiles”.

2022           Scientific American (USA): “Snakes’ and Lizards’ Slow and Steady Evolution Won the Race”

2021           The Independent (UK): “Scientists find fossil species that is ancient forerunner of most modern reptiles” (

2020            Harvard Gazette (USA):“New study by a team of Harvard-led researchers rebuts 75-year-old belief in their evolution” (

2018           The New York Times (USA): “A Mysterious Fossil Points to the Origins of Lizards and Snakes” (

2018           CBC (Canada):” What turtles were like before they had shells” (

2018           CTV news (Canada): “First ‘extraordinary’ snake embryo fossil found” (

2018          The Washington Post: Meet ‘the mother of all lizards’ (USA) (

2018          Folha de São Paulo (Brazil): Vovô de cobras e lagartos é descoberto e altera árvore genealógica dos bichos (Brazil) (

2018          CBC (Canada): Oldest lizard fossil fills evolutionary ‘missing link’ (Canada) (

2018          National Geographic: Fossil Footprints Are Oldest Traces of Lizards Running on Two Legs. (

2016          National Geographic: Famous ‘Four-Legged Snake’ May Really Be Dino-Era Lizard (

2016          Science: Controversial ‘four-legged snake’ may be ancient lizard instead. (

2015          Forbes Magazine-online: Ancient Toothy Lizard Is The First Of Its Kind From South America.

2015          BBC Earth (UK): A newly-described ancient lizard from South America throws new light on the early evolution of iguanas and related species. (

2015          O Globo: Paleontólogos brasileiros descobrem espécie de lagarto que viveu no país 80 milhões de anos atrás: